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Our Vision

Our vision at Impact Brand Protection (IBP) is to help companies solving meaningful problems on a global scale when it comes to protecting their brand against fraudsters, hackers and counterfeiters. Our mission is to help these companies to become more aware of these risks and to help to eliminate them.

The Team

Counterfeiting & Cyber Attacks

Impact Brand Protection is a globally recognised security consultancy firm. The team is built up from Law enforcement backgrounds and Lawyers, we are well practised in dealing with various criminal activities within a diverse society and when it comes to offering the world’s first anti-counterfeiting solution to deal with counterfeit items and  track & trace ready in all Manufacturing Industries and within Healthcare Sectors this includes ID cards and Documents Security

Healthcare & Medical Cards

  • Protecting medical information
  • Securing patient sensitive information
  • Falsified information added to your database
  • Exposing your business to potential liability
  • Causing irreparable damage to your customer relationships
  • Real time Track & Trace (GPS)


  • Identify suspected counterfeit products
  • Exposing your business to potential liability
  • Lost Revenue 
  • Insurance benefits 




Brand Protection/Counterfeiting Articles 2019.

Cyber Security Articles 2019.

Manufacturing & Documentation

  • Counterfeiting of products & documents
  • Provide the world’s first anti-counterfeiting solution
  • Take product sensitive data offline
  • Falsified information added to databases

MDLE Technology

  • State of the art, Military Graded, breakthrough technology
  • Solution against cyber-attacks (healthcare and all industries)
  • Storing product sensitive data offline
  • Securing patient sensitive medical data offline
  • Brand protection and counterfeit detection
  • Track and trace ready (GPS)


MDLE, can be applied in any industry to secure product data and patient sensitive information in an offline database. The industries mentioned are just some of the areas MDLE covers but not exhausted.

Impact Brand Protection…..


Combat Counterfeiting & Cyber Attacks

How much at RISK are You?

Counterfeit Products On & Offline.

Unfortunately when it comes to counterfeiting and cyber-attacks the criminal elements are here to stay and they are becoming more sophisticated. This will have an immense impact on your business and damage customer trust and Brand reputation.

More counterfeit goods are being sold online and on the open market than ever before, at a alarming rate and this is extremely lucrative for Brand abusers.

Non Complicated…

MDLE technology is an add on to the IT infrastructure you already have in-place.

The Awareness
Prevent A Breach
Combat Counterfeiting/Cyber-Attacks

Sensitive Data Offline (MDLE)

The World's First & Only Solution

How it Works

We offer a first class solutions for 21st century problems.  This we call MDLE (Micro Databases Less Encapsulation) this is Military Graded and is used for taking product and  patient sensitive information offline, away from the Counterfeiters and Hackers who can steal this sensitive data and information, also unaware to the Brand owners and the Healthcare sectors can install Falsified information undetected into their online database.


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