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Counterfeiting & Cyber Attacks

The team at Impact Brand Protection Ltd (IBP) is recruited from a law enforcement background and Lawyers, we are well-practised in dealing with various criminal activities within a diverse society and when it comes to offering the world’s first anti-counterfeiting solution to deal with counterfeit items and  track & trace ready in all Industries and within Healthcare Sectors. This we call MDLE (Micro Databases Less Encapsulation) which is used for taking product and or patient sensitive information OFFLINE and away from the Counterfeiters and Hackers who can steal this sensitive data and information, also unaware to the Brand owners and Healthcare sectors can install Falsified information undetected into their ONLINE database.

A fundamental risk

  • How much revenue are you losing every day?
  • Falsified information added to your database.
  • Counterfeit products are misleading your consumers.
  • Exposing your business to potential liability.
  • Causing irreparable damage to your customer relationships.
  • What are the current threats and reputational risk for your business?
  • Let IBP control these risks. For additional info.

Main features

  • Identify suspected counterfeit products
  • Simple and low cost implementation
  • Guaranteed results
  • Fast implementation and deployment
  • Track and trace (2D uncrackable technology)
  • Solution to cyber-attacks



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Cyber Security Articles 2016/17.

Protect your Brand equity

  • All online databases will be hacked. It’s inevitable.
  • IBP provide the world’s first anti-counterfeiting solution.
  • IBP offers both prevention and the cure.
  • Trusted supplier to the Brand security industry
  • Take product/patient sensitive information offline.
  • Due diligence on request. For additional info.


  • Our dedicated team;


  • Has NO competition.
  • Offer the most secure anti-counterfeiting technology in the world, MDLE in the fight against counterfeiting and cyber-attacks.
  • See our Brochure. Presentation available in Polish Language, Additional information in Polish.

What we are offering:

Forensic data

  • Server logs of identified risks.
  • Cease and desist requests.
  • GeoIp stamped screen captures

Recording & Monitoring

  • Extensive infringement Reporting.
  • Auditable trails


  • Uncrackable 2D Bar-Coding (state of the art, breakthrough technology)
  • Solution against cyber-attacks (healthcare and other industries)
  • Storing product sensitive data offline
  • Securing patient sensitive medical data offline
  • Brand protection and counterfeit detection
  • Track and trace
  • Reversed image tracking technology
  • Server crawling robots
  • 6 things you should know
  • ID Demo Tutorial…..

Additional Services

Licensed SIA Close Protection Operatives (Private Sector)

SIA Door Supervisors

Chauffeurs for any event 24/7

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Combat Counterfeiting & Cyber Attacks

How much at RISK are You?

Counterfeit Products On/Offline.

Unfortunately when it comes to counterfeiting and cyber-attacks the criminal elements are here to stay. This will have an immense impact on your Brand and damage customer trust and Brand reputation.

More counterfeit goods are being sold online and on the open market than ever before, and at a growing rate, because this is extremely lucrative for Brand abusers.

The global trade in counterfeit goods is booming, and it is becoming more sophisticated. No longer confined to fashion items such as shoes and handbags, the counterfeit products include vehicle parts, medicines and pesticides, products that carry serious health and safety implications.

Non Costly & Non Complicated…

As a Brand owner you will be aware that protecting your Brand can be a costly and complicated process.

At IBP we adopt a no cure/no pay approach. We provide you with detailed information about your product found online or on the open market.

IBP will only act on infringements agreed with you in advance.

Time & Other Priorities…

Do you have the time to sit and search the Internet all day, every day, to look for counterfeit products that may have a damaging effect on your business, your Brand’s reputation, and your bottom line? When was the last time you looked at your IT infrastructure and how your product/patient information is protected from being breached?

At IBP we can assist you by searching online sites daily, looking for counterfeit goods, closing down rogue auction sites and issuing cease & desist letters where necessary. We can help in the prevention of a breach of your product/patient sensitive information by taking this offline with single object of protecting your business.

The Awareness
Prevent A Breach
Combat Counterfeiting/Cyber-Attacks

Sensitive Data Offline (MDLE)

The World's First & Only Solution

How it Works

Impact Brand Protection Ltd utilizes cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technology which allows us to encrypt tremendous amounts of data onto the most popular tags on the market today — 2D barcodes ,  (RFID) tags, etc. This technology is so advanced that we can tag every single item with its own unique ID. The individuality of the unique IDs, coupled with the great amount of data we can encrypt, provides a true breakthrough in multiple aspects of your business.

Since each item has its own uncrackable digital “signature,” we enable law enforcement, customs officials and consumers to verify product authenticity by scanning it with a camera phone. When a counterfeit product is identified, the system immediately alerts the Brand owner’s legal department, anti-counterfeit personnel, or other selected delegates. And by involving consumers in the fight against counterfeiting, we arm Brand owners with what we call, “A Million Eyes Inspector.”

Beyond anti-counterfeiting, these unique ID’s inherently provide outstanding tracking capability, per item and per pallet — it’s far beyond anything on the market today. Further, that same scan from the camera phone could unlock item-specific targeted marketing (coupons, instant win, sweepstakes, etc.). And since the encryption can hold so much information, the entire database is held within each barcode or RFID tag, eliminating the time and hardware needed for a database. IBP provides a one-stop solution for Brand owners’ operations, marketing, and security. We save Brands time. We save them money. And we simplify multiple facets of your business.

For additional information…

Option 1 (Recommended) TBA

Micro Database Less Encapsulation (MDLE)
(Customizable to Clients Needs)
Counterfeit Protection
Grey Market Protection
Track & Trace Ready
Brand Loyalty
Document Security
ID/Biometric Card Security
Credit Card Security
Sensitive Data OFFLINE

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Option 2 2 Weeks FREE Trial

Price per Month *€50

Daily Internet trawling of your Brand or Brands, worldwide
Internet auction shut downs (by arrangement with Brand owner)
Issue cease & desist letters
Monitoring of re-offenders – repetition

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Option 3 From €200

Price Per Case
(Depending on each Country’s Requirements)

Daily Internet trawling of your Brand or Brands, worldwide
Internet auction shut downs (by arrangement with Brand owner)
Field Investigation, markets, retail outlets, etc.
Test Purchases
Attend raids with local law enforcement on your behalf (subject to Country).
Issue cease & desist letters
Monitoring of re-offenders] – repetition

*Police and Customs training, could be subject to additional charges.

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