Micro Database-Less Technology

Inspection system gets a million eyes On-product database delivers authentication and secure track and trace.

Impact Brand Protection (IBP) has teamed up with Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention (6DCP), California.  With the support of (6DCP), IBP has expanded and has access to powerful 2D anti-counterfeit encryption technology into a wider range of industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, fashion, banking, identification, legal, precious gems, entertainment, and luxury goods can all benefit from the secure coding technology.

Applied to products in any data capacitor (2D barcode, REID, etc.), the impenetrable nonmathematical encryption also has substantial marketing potential, unparalleled capabilities in grey market detection, and the ability to track and trace individual items through the supply chain. Furthermore, with all of the data securely encrypted into the data capacitor, our technology is the world’s first micro database-less technology.

The World Customs Organisation estimates the cost of counterfeiting to industry will reach $1.5 trillion by 2015, impacting on virtually every industry from pharmaceuticals to precious gems. “Unlike serial numbers and other encryption methods which can be cracked and reproduced, this stronger-than-military-grade encryption is impervious to mathematical pattern analysis (cracking) and brute force attack, thus providing one of the best counterfeit protection on the market”.

The encryption is capable of securing real data (otherwise stored in a database) into an RFID tag, a 2D barcode or both. Items can be marked at both the pallet and individual level and applied either overtly or covertly to a variety of products such as lenses, semiconductors, pharmaceutical blisters, ID cards, documents, food and beverages, and high end fashion.

Anyone with a camera-equipped mobile device can participate in the verification process, a term we calls ‘a million eyes inspector.’ This means that consumers, law enforcement, corporate investigators and others can immediately identify a genuine product from a fake one. In essence, each item has a digital ‘fingerprint,’ that can be monitored internally. Real time metrics provide clients with accurate measuring tools to gauge illegal activity, keep track of products as they are scanned, and market directly to the consumer.

In addition to being a game changer in anti-counterfeiting, our technology has outstanding capacities in the marketing realm and could be a significant asset to manufacturers as well. So much information can be encrypted that brands can use cutting-edge marketing methods to connect with consumers. From their mobile devices, consumers can scan the 2D barcodes to link to social networks, go to the company website, see videos, and more.

On the client side, once a consumer scans a barcode, clients know where and when a consumer has authenticated a product, making it possible to redefine marketing strategy based on the information they receive. And all of the data is embedded into the barcode (manufactured date, model #, serial #, production line, expiration date, destination code, etc.), no remote database is required, creating potential savings for brands in hardware, security and investigative costs. Further reading.