Protect your Brand equity…

Protect your Brand equity

All databases will be hacked. It’s inevitable. 2014 was considered the year of the breach, and 2015 was no slouch either. 2016 has only just begun, but if market predictions are correct, we’re in for a bumpy road ahead.

Impact Brand Protection is committed to providing anti-counterfeiting, Brand Protection expertise and a customer service to suit your needs.

IBP offers both prevention and cure. When it comes to counterfeiting and cyber-attacks, we offer you a cost effective approach to removing the vast majority of counterfeit goods whether they appear online or on the open market. We can take product sensitive information offline away from hackers (potentially lowering your Insurance premiums). As a trusted supplier to the Brand Security industry, our anti-Counterfeiting solutions delivers you guaranteed success. IBP can carry out due diligence on request.

Our dedicated team:

  • Monitors global auction websites around the clock.
  • Field investigators, searching the open market, visiting retail outlets, conducting raid actions with local police, customs and trading standards officials.
  • Police and customs training of your Brand.

IBP has no competition when it comes to offering the most secure anti-counterfeiting technology in the world, our technology is the world’s first micro database-less technology.

This cutting-edge technology provides multiple additional solutions and consolidates them into a single 2D barcode — marketing, diversion detection, anti-counterfeiting, Brand protection, track-and-trace, and document protection. By utilizing a unique non-mathematical encryption, data is encrypted into the barcode itself, which eliminates the need for a product database and provides a low barrier to entry for virtually any industry.

IBP offer a zero tolerance approach when it comes to the fight against counterfeiting and cyber-attacks.

Giving you the peace of mind and to allowing you to focus on your business. See our Brochure. Presentation in Polish Language.