Are ONLINE databases going to be a thing of the Past? by Steve Scully (IBP)

ONLINE databases, will these be a thing of the past and leave new evolutionarily technology such as MDLA (Micro Databases Less Encapsulation) to lead the way by taking product/patient sensitive data/information OFFLINE? For example in any Industry that manufacture/produce and in the Healthcare, public and or private sectors throughout the globe.

Everyone knows we store information online and unfortunately for us this will be HACKED, this as been published in the media in recent times. This is an increasing threat, with hacker’s technology become more sophisticated.

As Tim Marsh – Supply Chain Security Consultant informs us:

“As we move into a serialized world the secure databases of product and event information that trading partners will use to comply with regulations will be the target for the counterfeiters.

The database will be the “Holy Grail” quest for the sophisticated counterfeiters. By sophisticated I mean those interested in injecting large quantities of falsified medicines into a legitimate supply chain.” See link.

As we move into an ever challenging and a revolutionary society and the need for change in how we store and protect this sensitive data is vital how we survive from the hackers, who wish to steal this data or to inject falsified information in to online servers unaware to the server owners.

If you look at some of the major Brands and organisation in the world today, all of these use the most sophisticated security features as protection against cyber attacks, for example McDonald’s, Google, Amazon, Anthem and iCloud to name a few, what do these all have in common? They have been HACKED!!!

For those of you who are not aware of MDLE, let me take a moment to explain this below.

MDLE is a military grade and patented process for encrypting and encapsulating sensitive information otherwise stored in a database, in cost effective data carriers such as 2D barcodes”.

MDLE features:

  • Low barrier to entry.
  • Encrypts an entire database record into a 2D barcode or other data carrier.
  • Decentralizes sensitive information and eliminates need for a central database.
  • Seamless integration into existing ERP

MDLE is protected by what we call “The Iron Ring” which is a secure ONLINE environment.

  • The Decryption Server stores ONLY the keys to authenticate the MDLElabel.
  • The Decryption Server is protected by The Iron Ring, a revolutionary database less authentication method.
  • Even if the Decryption Server is hacked, no sensitive information will be exposed.

MDLE Supports Aggregation with its own individual encrypted payload and serial number secured in a 2D code on individual market packages. It supports secure Track & Trace, a security module that integrates into existing ERP and Track & Trace Software for Supply Chain Security, Secure Serialization, and Compliant with all Global Standards. The MDLE Log File Decryption (Key) Server authenticates and logs every scanning event in real time which can be exported to existing track and trace or ERP software.

With all of the data securely encrypted into the data capacitor, this technology is the world’s first micro database-less technology.

MDLE Supports Brand Loyalty Programs, Brand ambassadors can share incentives/coupons on social networks with all activity being traceable back to the original user.

MDLE Insurance Benefits;

Increases                                                                         Decreases

Security                                                                           Liability in a Breach

Detection Capability                                                     Breach Related Costs

Response Time                                                              Liability from Counterfeiting

Compliance                                                                    Liability from Diversion

Consumer Confidence                                                 Liability from Product Recalls

Who can benefit from the MDLE? Healthcare, military and other armed forces, automotive, pharmaceutical, fashion, banking, identification, legal documents etc, precious gems, entertainment, food & beverages and luxury goods to name a few.

For Healthcare, all patient sensitive information can be stored within a 2D barcode::

  • Can be printed on a card
  • Can be scribed onto Military dog tag, emergency medical bracelet, or pendant
  • Can be printed onto medical adhesive patch
  • Can be saved as digital card on mobile device

Within the Healthcare sectors only authorised personal will have access to patient sensitive data, through a specially designed app which requires login information to access, all scans made by the device, mobile phone, tablet or other are recorded in real time for easy to track the users activity.

MDLE uses Military Grade Encryption;

  • Patented encryption method that eliminates need to store sensitive information in an online database.
  • Encryption Key is truly chaotic.
  • Based on an innovative and patented technology called Pure Human Randomization, or PHR.
  • PHR is protected against Rainbow Crack, Dictionary Attack, Cryptanalysis and Brute Force.

Encryption – Performance Features;

  • Key Strength – 1 million bit or more
  • 400% faster when compared to AES.
  • MPU use – Mathematical Process Unit in CPU use only 3% –7%.
  • +/- 5% overhead of the file from original data set.
  • Capable of encrypting entire columns of a database (up to 300 characters) into one 2D barcode.

MDLE can be used in virtual any industry as stated above and more. It can be customised to the clients specifications and needs.

If you have any questions on MDLE, please contact me and I will be happy to help you.


Thanks for reading.